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The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is an important step in securing a ticket to law school. Doing well on the exam is often the key to receiving acceptance to a good law school. A good law school is the key to acquiring a high-paying job as a lawyer after graduating from school. As a result, many students put a tremendous focus on receiving high scores.

The Basics
The LSAT is a standardized test offered throughout the lsat preparation  United States and internationally. The test is given in December, February, June and October. Most advisors recommend taking the LSAT in June or October, just in case there is a snag. December tests are usually the latest time that schools will accept test scores for admissions consideration for the following fall semester. The test measures a person’s acquired reading level, comprehension ability and verbal reasoning skills. Because the test is standardized, it is viewed as a good baseline for judging the likely success rate of a law school student. Scores range from 120 to 180, with the average about 150.

The competition for admission is very stiff. Students wishing to excel in the LSAT may take preparation courses, time out from work or even school to study and understand the style and format for this exam. As a result, private lenders offer a law school student loan or other delve into the testing structure, question format, rules and instructions for taking the test so that when the students sit for the exam, they only have to focus on answering questions. While preparatory courses will not have the actual test questions that students will face, sample questions from past examinations and similar problems will be given as study guides and practice tests. Instruction on how to answer questions, how to interpret question meaning and when to guess at answers may be covered in more in-depth prep classes. Tips on what texts to read and study, what time of year is the most beneficial to test and how to receive a seat at the exam location and date of choice may also be covered in preparation courses.

Scores are typically received about three weeks after the student takes the LSAT. How well they do may be affected by their emotional, physical and mental state at the time they take the test. However, most programs recommend against retaking the LSATs, as all of the scores may be viewed by educational institutions. They statistically may rise slightly upon the second attempt, but depending on the circumstances, may cause more stress and therefore a lower score is achieved. The LSAT can be taken a maximum of 12 times. Most test takers score between 160 and 145, with law school admissions low scores from the top 150 law schools in the country at 151 or above.



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